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Eva Longoria Talks About The Movie Lowriders And Her Beauty Routine
Eva Longoria Talks About The Movie Lowriders And Her Beauty Routine

Video: Eva Longoria Talks About The Movie Lowriders And Her Beauty Routine

Video: Eva Longoria Talks About The Movie Lowriders And Her Beauty Routine
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The Mexican American actress, producer and businesswoman, Eva Longoria, spoke with us about her tips to look eternally young on the eve of the premiere of her new movie Lowriders.

What was the experience of recording this film about the passion for lowriders in East Los Angeles?

It was amazing and wonderful because it was directed by a Latino and features Latino stars. Gabriel Chavarria, the actor who plays the main character, is from East LA, so it's a very authentic way of telling a story and I think people are really going to enjoy it.

How important is it to you to be part of a film that focuses on Latino culture?

It was fascinating because I grew up with the Lowrider culture. I know firsthand how beautiful that community is. In the end, this film is a family drama with the world of lowriding as the backdrop. It is nice to see that this story is being told with respect.

How did you feel about the physical transformation you had to go through to embody the stepmother of the main character?

It was a wonderful process because I had never played such a character. Letting go to really capture [the essence] of this character involved things like a change of eyebrows and hair color. The director [ Ricardo de Montreuil] had very specific references that he wanted to follow to make it authentic. It was definitely fun to do something that wasn't so glamorous.

What is your daily beauty routine like?

I love moisturizers. In the morning I put on [one] and then my sunscreen. At night I am a girl who loves serums. I put on L'Oréal Revitalift Serum and let it soak into my skin. I travel a lot so they are constantly in my purse and I have a bag full of moisturizers that I take before taking off. I also always travel with the Root Cover-Up by L'Oreal to cover my gray hair.


How else do you take care of yourself when you travel?

I wear a lot of masks on the plane and scare everyone! I use lip balms. I love the hot wipes they give you and I put them on my face. I definitely have a routine for the plane because I fly too much.

And how do you take care of yourself at the exercise level?

I do a lot. I'm a runner, I do yoga, I do Pilates, I go to SoulCycle. And I take care of myself at lunchtime. Everyone thinks that there is some secret to looking good, but in reality there is not. It is diet and exercise.

Is there any other beauty trick that you can't live without?

[I drink] a lot of water. I got myself one of these 'Starbucks cups' that everyone has. They are like hard cups, but with a sorbet. I fill it with water and for some reason when I have the sorbet I drink a lot more water. I feel like I'm drinking soda.

When you are not working, how do you like to relax and pamper yourself?

I love going to the spa. I love massages and facials. They really relax me. My priority is also being in Mexico with my husband, that is very relaxing.

What has been the best beauty lesson you have been given?

Use sunscreen. My mom was like a police officer in [that]. It was an important lesson because the skin you take care of at 20 is the skin you will have at 40. Especially for Latinas! Many believe that because they have a dark complexion they do not need to use sun protection.

Today, what does beauty mean to you?

Be healthy and feel good about yourself. I have always been careful about what I eat, exercise and take care of my skin. I think that is the foundation on which you can build everything. If you don't have good skin, not all the makeup in the world will help you.

How do you find the time to do it all?

Oh my God! Well, I have this urge to want to do it all, so it's about prioritizing. You know? You have to have great time management and I have a great team that helps me fit 48 hours in a day.

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