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Latino Beauty Boys, Expert Makeup Boys

Latino Beauty Boys, Expert Makeup Boys
Latino Beauty Boys, Expert Makeup Boys

Video: Latino Beauty Boys, Expert Makeup Boys

Video: Latino Beauty Boys, Expert Makeup Boys
Video: Как: Kpop Natural Makeup? | Руководство по мужскому макияжу для начинающих | ISSACYIU 2023, March

The beauty world is undergoing a true men's revolution. More and more men are becoming the face of famous makeup brands, such as Charles James for Covergirl or Manny Gutiérrez for Maybelline. The success of the Mexican-born youtuber Gabriel Zamora has transcended social networks as he was the only “beauty boy” to collaborate with the MAC firm to launch his own lipstick color, in a collection made with 10 beauty influencers.

Zamora's parents came from Mexico and settled in Los Angeles, where Gabriel was born. They lived there until he was 12 years old and moved to Houston, Texas. "I knew I wanted to work in marketing [but] I wanted a change," says Zamora. "I felt like I wasn't doing anything [in Houston]. So I quit my job and went to Los Angeles and got another job."

But her passion for makeup started with a personal obsession. "I was looking for how to make the eyes bigger and I found a lot of YouTube videos," says the stylist. “Many of Michelle Phan, who is now my boss! And I was hooked.” After purchasing an eyeliner, her makeup collection grew. "I was adding eyebrows, mascara, concealer, foundation … After buying one I started to want more and more, like a snowball effect."

Despite having experience in the world of acting and co-workers who did tutorials, at first he had many doubts about possible criticism. But the support of his extended family and friends was essential. “When you have a lot of people around you who push you and cheer you on, you overcome fear, and in one day I had 10,000 followers on Instagram. Of course I received a lot of negativity, but I got over it.”


Proud of his Latino origins, he is one of the few bilingual influencers, and his videos in Spanish have been very successful. “When I did 'men's makeup' it was very well accepted. It was a way of saying that I am not ashamed of my background,”he says. “There are not many influencers in Spanish, there needs to be more. I have a lot of support from the Hispanic community.”


One of his hallmarks is the striking blue hair color he wears, an almost accidental choice. “My best friend I have since I was 13, is a stylist. We moved to LA at the same time and I wanted to do something crazy with my hair. I said, 'I want a color that doesn't need a lot of maintenance,' and he chose the color because it fades well,”he explains of the intense hue.

"I'm a bit lazy," acknowledges the youtuber. “I wash my hair once a week for all the styling involved, it is quite a task. If you do it blue it will fade in colors like turquoise, greenish blue… It was not my favorite color but it has become my [signature]”.

In addition to succeeding with her tutorials on YouTube, Zamora works at Ipsy, a group of beauty experts who select the most appropriate products for you. Among his friendships are great names from the online community such as Jeffree Star, Patrick Starrr or Manny MUA, who are both references and inspiration for his creations. "Our paths crossed and if you are genuine and yourself, (although it costs a little to overcome the initial emotion), they have accepted me in their lives," she says. "They are so important that many people try to use them so they are on guard, but I was honest, we really connected. I am very grateful that they are my friends.”

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