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10 Tips To Look Regal On Your Wedding Day (PHOTOS)

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10 Tips To Look Regal On Your Wedding Day (PHOTOS)
10 Tips To Look Regal On Your Wedding Day (PHOTOS)

Video: 10 Tips To Look Regal On Your Wedding Day (PHOTOS)

Video: 10 Tips To Look Regal On Your Wedding Day (PHOTOS)
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Looking spectacular on your wedding day is the priority of every bride. Therefore, having everything under control is essential so that the day passes without any problem. The dress, accessories, makeup and everything that has to do with your look must be perfect on that special day. To make your task easier, we chatted with celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger, who shared her best tips for making you look radiant on one of the most important days of your life.

1. Sew your undergarments to the bridal gown

“This is a super tip for those who want to make sure their dress looks smooth, especially for dresses that have a plunging neckline. You have to make sure that everything stays in place."

2. Accentuate your natural beauty

"Don't complicate your look and remember that your special day is about you shining, that you feel like the best version of you."

3. You must have a second dress in case of an accident

“During the party everyone will be having fun and an accident should not interrupt your day. [The brand] Pronovias has two-piece dresses, so what you can do is take off one and you're done.”

4. Balance accessories

“You don't want to be competing with the shine of your earrings, the shine of your dress, the shine of your shoes. Choose one thing you want to highlight and have accessories to complement it”.

5. Choose comfortable shoes

“No one is going to see the shoes, so opt for comfortable ones. You're going to be having fun and you shouldn't worry about the discomfort of your shoes.”

6. Take lots of photos before the party

“At the end of the day the photos are the ones that will remain. Those are your memories and you want to look perfect on your wedding day."

7. smile

"There is nothing more beautiful than a happy and confident bride!"

8. Try on many dresses

“[A dress] may surprise you. If you don't like it, the worst thing that can happen is that you have to take it off. But you can be lucky and find the right dress”.

9. Explore different veil options

“I think a cathedral-style long one is always a good option. It is very glamorous.”

10. Use a ribbon to accentuate the waist

"It is my best advice. It is the easiest way to emphasize and slim the waist, and at the same time it is an excellent support for the top of the dress.”

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