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Jessica Cediel Shares All Her Style Secrets (PHOTOS)
Jessica Cediel Shares All Her Style Secrets (PHOTOS)

Video: Jessica Cediel Shares All Her Style Secrets (PHOTOS)

Video: Jessica Cediel Shares All Her Style Secrets (PHOTOS)
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Jessica Cediel
Jessica Cediel

Colombian presenter Jessica Cediel tells us how she feels in her new role as co-presenter of the show Salt and Pepper (Univisión), and also shares with us the tricks she puts into practice when dressing.

How do you feel now that you are part of this new era of Salt and Pepper?

“I feel super happy and very grateful to my bosses and producers at Univisión, who have given me the opportunity to be a host. I started on this channel as a reporter but I think this whole process is step by step and now I am in the stage of being a conductor in the Sal y Pimienta extension. I am totally happy to continue learning and giving my whole soul.”

How do you define your style when dressing?

“The truth is I am not a woman who leans much towards fashion because I do not know fashion. So I simply know my body, I know what my strengths are and I search the market for what works for me. I am very basic, with few accessories. I am sober and simple”.

Do you like to experiment with new trends?

"Yes, I like to experiment even though I don't know much. If there is something on trend and I feel it looks good, then I use it”.

In which pieces do you like to invest your money?

"In shoes, bags, glasses and watches."

What are your favorite brands?

“I don't have favorite brands like that. I like to wear Zara, BCBG, and suddenly if I have the money to buy something from Gucci or from a higher level [brand], then I do. But basically [I use] very common fashion.”

Do you like to mix expensive pieces with cheaper ones?

"Obvious [that I like it]. I can put on a dress from a not-so-fancy store, and put on a good Armani jacket or some good Gucci shoes. I think the trick is there because there is no pocket to hold it.”

What advice do you give your fans to put them into practice when shopping?

“Have your income and pocket very pending. That they are not going to be surprised with the offers and offers that we always find. Get them to the point of what they really need. Buy the basics. When you have the basics you can play a lot. Good jeans that can last you all year, a good black blazer and good heels. A black skirt for me is basic. They will always see each other and the most important thing is that they will feel good too.”

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