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Karina Ortíz Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Secrets (PHOTOS)
Karina Ortíz Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Secrets (PHOTOS)

Video: Karina Ortíz Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Secrets (PHOTOS)

Video: Karina Ortíz Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Secrets (PHOTOS)
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Karina Ortiz
Karina Ortiz

Now that the new season of the successful series Orange is the New Black (Netflix) has started, we spoke with one of the cast members, the Dominican actress Karina Ortíz, who told us how she feels with the changes her character is experiencing as well as sharing her Homemade beauty secrets and confessing why you love casual style.

Karina, how do you feel about your character changes this season?

“Everybody is going to be surprised with what they did with my character. It will be different. The season in general is going to be different, darker. I'm so excited. I want them to see the changes in my character.”

Going into fashion, how do you prepare for events?

“I am very casual, so I had to work hard. Before, I always went with jeans, boots and a t-shirt. I started looking at more fashionable things and I was learning more. I like simple and classic things, but sexy. I like jumpsuits and pants sets. I love tank tops. I use them the whole year. They are simple and go with everything. I like to be comfortable above all. It is very fun to be playing with clothes, makeup. It has been a challenge for me.”

How difficult is it to choose an outfit?

“To buy something you have to attract a lot of attention. I look at the color. I like natural colors. Whites, beige, browns. Sometimes I have someone who helps me like designer Cenia. But normally I select what I am going to wear”.

Tell us how you take care of your skin …

"I like natural products. I always shop at Whole Foods. I try different things. Now as an adult my face sprouts and in this case the most important thing is not to give it that much importance. When a granite comes out I wash my face with a soap that has glycolic acid. That kills the bacteria that causes the outbreak. I use one of the M61 brand. It is one of my favorites to combat acne and also expression lines."

Do you like to experiment with makeup?

“What surprises me most about the show is that the girls hardly wear makeup. In my character I have used a little makeup because I was not in prison. But actually I hardly use it. At first I was surprised but I think it's great that we look natural. In my real life I love being natural. I want girls to see that it's not just makeup. But when I have to wear makeup I do like to experiment. My favorite mask is one of Guerlain's and I love the Luminous Silk base by Giorgio Armani. It is very natural. I also use the Urban Decay Naked Base. I like nude, brown lipsticks. I use red on special occasions.”

Do you have a homemade beauty recipe?

“Sometimes I use organic apple cider vinegar with water and I put it as a tonic, it also balances the PH of the skin and when it dries it doesn't smell like vinegar. For hair, coconut oil is very good, also rosemary oil is excellent for circulation to the scalp and tea tree oil for dryness. I mix all three and massage my head. That is very good".



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