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Chiquis Rivera Launches Skin Care Line

Chiquis Rivera Launches Skin Care Line
Chiquis Rivera Launches Skin Care Line

Video: Chiquis Rivera Launches Skin Care Line

Video: Chiquis Rivera Launches Skin Care Line
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Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera can boast of perfect skin. Lately that's because the singer and reality star, for 6 months, has relied on her own brand products to remove blemishes from her skin. The eldest daughter of the late interpreter Jenni Rivera launches her new line of skin care products called Diamond Skin Care.

"[As Latinos] I feel that we have not been educated enough to take care of our skin, [what] to wear or [what to wear] after washing our faces," says the singer. "I want to educate the public [about] why [it is important], so they understand what to use and how to use the products, depending on your skin."

Chiquis confesses that she suffers from rosacea on her cheeks and that thanks to her new line, she has been able to cope with this problem.

"If we do not take care of our skin, the makeup will not look good, we will not look radiant. The complexion for me is very important”, he comments.

Chiquis hopes to help women combat premature wrinkles and other skin problems from a nurse friend who has been caring for their skin for over 10 years.

"Like all women, I am the type of woman who likes to take care of me, take care of my skin, I want to preserve youth as much as possible," she says. “My mom always said to me: 'You are the type of person who, if they tell you, put peanut butter on your face, you [put it on]', and the truth is. I like to try everything.”

Chiquis has been working on its product line for the past two years, focusing on Latin skin. Diamond Skin Care will be available to the public from March.

Here are four Chiquis Rivera recommendations for radiant skin.

1.- The most important thing is to sleep. We have to sleep a lot. I realize that when I don't get enough sleep, my skin doesn't look as radiant.


2.- Drink lots of water. What we eat affects our skin a lot, we must be careful to eat [junk food].



3.- Wash your face at night, because when we go out there is a lot of contamination, although it doesn't go away. Even though the face [seems] to be clean, we need to wash it off before bedtime because that is when the body is resting and is really recovering. Taking off our makeup, we have to make that part of the [daily] routine.


4.- Using sunscreen is the most important thing.


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