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Lili Estefan Passion For Fashion, Shoes And Accessories
Lili Estefan Passion For Fashion, Shoes And Accessories

Video: Lili Estefan Passion For Fashion, Shoes And Accessories

Video: Lili Estefan Passion For Fashion, Shoes And Accessories
Video: Thigh Boots in Night of the Templar (2012) 2023, March
Lili Estefan, Youth Awards 2015
Lili Estefan, Youth Awards 2015

The host of El gordo y la flaca (Univisón), who was part of our exclusive list of the 25 most fashionable for never disappointing on the red carpet, told us in detail about her passion for fashion, accessories and especially shoes.

How would you define your style?

I have a trauma of seeing photos from the 70s and 80s and one says, how horrible. So I try to bring a classic style to the rugs that if I want to see it in 10, 15 or 20 years, people don't say 'and what did Lili wear, what was it?'

Do you have a favorite designer?

We shopaholic have to be very clear about what is worth and what is not worth it. I don't buy from the designer, although there are [brands] that I'm willing to invest in because I know I can pass it on to my daughter. Who are they? Chanel, Dior, in Miu Miu, Valentino, McQueen wallets …

What type of clothing do you like to invest in?

I don't mind investing in accessories. I firmly believe that you can put on a normal outfit, but the good, elegant, rich accessories with texture, is what really give you the final touch. Good glasses, rings, scarves, shoes, wallets … It is very rich to the eye, it goes very well to the soul. Accessories are very important.

What would you say has been your best look on the carpet?

Do you realize that I have been making rugs for 20 years? (laughs) I loved Premio Lo Nuestro last year because it was a red Rubin Singer, just as the Cinderella era began. Another look I loved was one I wore on the 50 Most Beautiful Carpet in 2009. It was a white dress with Louboutin feather shoes. Raúl [de Molina] gave them to me. There are moments in fashion history that mark a lot and those shoes, when they came out, was a scandal.

Lili Estefan, fashion, 25 more fashion, dresses, looks, red carpet, september issue
Lili Estefan, fashion, 25 more fashion, dresses, looks, red carpet, september issue

John Parra / Getty Images for Univision; Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage for People en Espanol

Who is your style icon?

JLo, for sure. That woman shows that she works it, that she lives it, that she worries, that she loves to entertain us. She changes, but she carries everything with security! She is one of the women who, over the years, rarely say 'I did not like this'. When you look at a woman in a development and a transition in fashion I think Jennifer Lopez has been amazing.

What trend is your favorite for this fall?

I love that denim is everywhere, in shoes, wallets, clothes … I love skirts and pants with high waists, long, narrow, flared pants … it gives an incredible elegance to women. In colors, white and pink. I have now bought everything blank.

Tell us about your love for shoes

I have a personal trauma with the shoes because I was a dancer all my life until I graduated from High School. When I start on television and quit what professional dancing is, I had the most horrible feet in the world, the famous bunions. The doctors told me 'you have those bones there that are ugly, but you are healthy'. One day at the pool I step foot up and my aunt Gloria [Estefan's] daughter, Emily, was learning to count. And she is counting my toes: 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. When she counts the sixth toe, I am in front of my uncles and I say 'don't tell me not to have surgery, because that's it, I can't live like this. '

And what did you do?

Without telling anyone I undergo surgery, I do my therapy, and I already start to put my foot in and the bunion is all marked [on the shoe]. Do you know what it's like to throw away an entire closet, all my shoes from my last 12 years? I couldn't even give them away. I was 31, 32 years old, but I remember saying 'I'm still on time, I'll buy them all new'. I had to go back to the stores and start buying shoes but it was already in quantities. I went crazy, but I was never the same. I lost respect for money, I lost respect for everything. I remember when I bought the first Dolce & Gabbana, the first Giuseppe Zanotti.

I'm not going to ask how many pairs you have, but where do you keep them?

Instead of growing in width, my closet has grown in height. It had a high ceiling and the closet is a normal size and I call a carpenter every six months and I put boards, and I put more boards, and more boards. And my husband says' where are you going with this? You're already reaching the top of the ceiling! ' and I say 'it's ok'. Spectacular.

Where do you like to go shopping?

I have very little time to go shopping. I have been fortunate to have a Saks close to home and the entire Saks go out of their way to dress me up. They keep things for me, they send things for me. I can't take full credit for everything I use, because they really do a spectacular job. One of the vendors was the one who really changed my life. He said to me one day, 'Cuqui, haven't you seen your figure? When are you going to stop looking at what you are spending and putting on all things brand and wonder? You are already 40 and you have to live this to the fullest. ' And it is true that there are people who change your life because once you start enjoying fashion, it is very difficult to get out and not do it. Now he is in the Bloomingdales de Aventura and he takes care of bringing things to me, dressing me to help me… Believe it or not, I have never had the time to go there. They bring me everything, they send me photos. I shop on the phone.

A tip to make the right purchases without splurging

I recommend to all women: they have to buy at the right time. That's not to stop, go and buy. They have to have a seller, in your favorite store, in places, who is always looking for you, according to your style. You have to have a team, people who know you and who say 'this is definitely Lili'. Believe me I can't do it alone. This is very important.

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