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Nina García Reveals Her Best Fashion Advice
Nina García Reveals Her Best Fashion Advice

Video: Nina García Reveals Her Best Fashion Advice

Video: Nina García Reveals Her Best Fashion Advice
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Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia

In the midst of her busy schedule as fashion director for Elle and Marie Claire magazines, in addition to her jury role on the Project Runway (Lifetime) show, Colombian Nina García spoke with Peopleenespañol.com about the most exciting aspects of her profession. and the latest trends of the season.

How did your passion for fashion come about?

My passion for the fashion world was born at an early age in my city: Barranquilla, in Colombia. I believe that the seed of this passion is found in the wardrobe of my mother, a lady who had a very personal and non-transferable style that continues to influence me today.

What are the best trends for this fall / winter season?

The truth is that there are many trends … Each time the world of fashion is becoming more personal, equally influenced by the emergence of social networks and bloggers. I could say the emergence of denim, shearling coats, fringe, etc …

What five items should every woman have in her wardrobe?

A little black dress, the LBD as we call it; some high-heeled shoes, a bag, pants that have a perfect fit and a white blouse. If you let me put on a sixth I would say some jeans … Denim has returned with great force!

And in our portfolio, what can not be missing?

A smartphone with a charger, a notebook with a pen, I love taking notes; a few mint pills, a lipstick and our perfume.

What is the best style advice you've ever received?

Well, one day a friend passed me a phrase that I loved, saying that life was too short to dress boringly.

Do you think that the sense of style is something one is born with or can learn from?

You learn! Although it is evident that there is a certain innate elegance, the style can always be polished and perfected… Let's say that one can go from hell to heaven -even through purgatory- if one is able to transfer personality into clothing. Style is the translation in images, both in clothing and makeup, and in the behavior of a personality. To have style one must be known. It is a very introspective process.

Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia on Project Runway.

How do your Colombian roots influence your sense of style?

Of many ways! It influences not being afraid of color, not being afraid of being different. Being from Colombia has given me a very concrete and authentic point of view that has helped me a lot in my career in this fascinating world of fashion.

What is it like to be a judge in the Project Runway program?

It is a challenge, of course. The challenge is to be fair and find the tone and criticism without falling into easy criticism. I try to give designers advice that I think can help them in their career… The most exciting thing is to see how designers manage to surprise me every week!

What do you like most about your job?

A lot of things! Firstly, because there is no normal day at Marie Claire… There are always collections to see, trips, photo sessions, meetings, etc… Secondly, I will tell you that it is a real delight to be able to see up close how designers put all their effort and all the creativity in each collection. The fashion world is synonymous with creativity and this gives me a lot of life.

If you weren't a fashion editor, what would you have been doing?

There are so many areas within the fashion industry that somehow or other I would always be working with fashion. For example, another aspect of my day-to-day job is having a great relationship with JCPenney - I'm a style spokesperson for them. I guide them regarding the latest fashion trends, I bring them ideas from the catwalk so that they can spread them to their clients around the country offering them high-style clothing that feels good to them.

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