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Walter Mercado Horoscope June 26

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Walter Mercado Horoscope June 26
Walter Mercado Horoscope June 26

Video: Walter Mercado Horoscope June 26

Video: Walter Mercado Horoscope June 26
Video: Estas son las predicciones de Walter Mercado para cada signo durante el 2019 2023, March

Mercury enters Leo


March 20 - April 19

You will now be in those of becoming independent and not feeling obligated with anyone. The negative at home or in the place you work will move away and will not affect you anymore. Follow the advice of taking care of yourself with whom you connect professionally or in love. All human beings are not what they appear to be.

Lucky numbers: 24, 14, 36

Holy Word: Advice


April 20 - May 20

You will be strong and determined in sentimental matters. They will no longer drive you crazy with sweet words and false promises of love. You will search for truths and you will plant yourself in a new reality thanks to the energy of Mercury. The people next to you will not change, but you will change.

Lucky numbers: 50, 21, 17

Holy Word: Fortress


May 21 - June 20

You will dare to experience the different. You will feel full of energy, vitality and desire for renewal now that Mercury enters your third house. A matter related to a child or someone acting without the necessary maturity will be repeated so that you can guide him properly.

Lucky numbers: 48, 2, 35

Holy Word: Guide


June 21 - July 21

Many of your dreams and hopes will now be realized. You will not jump as much or exhaust yourself by involving yourself in a thousand activities or a thousand false and transitory romances. With Mercury in your second home, you will have the determination to start new plans that will lead you to earn money.

Lucky numbers: 13, 46, 33

Holy Word: Hope


July 22 - August 22

Mercury, the planet of communication, enter your sign. Everything false in your life will end. You will not depend on anyone to be happy. What you get you will get for yourself. The mystical and spiritual forces of the Universe will support you to achieve what was previously denied to you.

Lucky numbers: 1, 22, 15

Holy Word: Get


August 23 - September 22

You will be aggressive in fighting for what has value and brings you peace and happiness. The spiritual will protect you and protect you under the influence of Mercury in your twelfth house. Your personal sacrifices for love and for family will be rewarded. You won't care now what they think of you.

Lucky numbers: 49, 3, 28

Sacred Word: Protection


September 23 - October 22

You will secure your social and professional position under the energy of Mercury. Your psychic faculties and intuitive powers will amaze you. You will move between the mysterious and the hidden. You will evaluate and reevaluate your love life and your friends. Your decision moment has arrived.

Lucky numbers: 10, 14, 5

Holy Word: Secure


October 23 - November 21

Your romantic relationships are hampered by your need for independence and creativity. Get closer, stay in the current reality and stay away from fantasies and what seems to be and is not. Mercury will give you the calm, control and courage to effectively advise on controversial matters.

Lucky numbers: 19, 43, 36

Holy Word: Advice


November 22 - December 20

You will now have the trust of others and this will help your financial security and personal worth. The news that comes to you from abroad will not be very encouraging, but time will be the one to say the last word. On the other hand, you will feel original, creative, generous and hospitable.

Lucky numbers: 8, 6, 38

Sacred Word: Security


December 21 - January 19

Be very careful with someone who will enter your privacy since it can make you lose what you have earned. Do not put into play what you want the most. If you have problems with your partner, seek help before making drastic decisions that could harm you for life.

Lucky numbers: 33, 2, 41

Holy Word: Help


January 20 - February 17

You will now be able to bring peace and stability to yours thanks to the energy of Mercury. Take care of speed in everything. Don't invite danger by exposing yourself to difficult or risky situations. You will receive great lessons if you continue in what does not suit you. Be careful, Aquarius.

Lucky numbers: 18, 7, 21

Holy Word: Stability


February 18 - March 19

Mercury, the planet that governs communication, leads you to face something that traumatized you in the past so you can overcome it. You will separate from someone who affected you or who took advantage of you. Get involved in liberal causes regarding humanitarian in civil rights.

Lucky numbers: 5, 11, 9

Holy Word: Confront

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