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The Best Tips To Treat Dry Hair

The Best Tips To Treat Dry Hair
The Best Tips To Treat Dry Hair

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Hair is one of the preferred topics of most women. And is that having healthy and shiny hair is a challenge for many who have to deal with problems that do not allow them to feel safe and happy with their hair. That process becomes even more difficult when we have the hair processed with dyes and lighteners that, although they give us the result we are looking for, leave us with the problem of restoring that healthy mane that we once had. The biggest problem? Dryness. Luckily there are many ways to restore silkiness, shine and, above all, manageability. We speak Gabriel Samra, stylist of celebrities such as Maite Perroni, Jaqueline Bracamontes, Geraldine Bazán, Rashel Días and many more, who shared his best tips to restore dry and damaged hair.

  1. Avocado is one of the first ingredients that you can use to nourish dry hair. It is pure vitamin, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids that will help your hair to look brighter, hydrated and nourished.
  2. Once a week, especially when it comes to your hair, you should apply a hydration mask. This will change your life. Make sure that the mask has water, protein and hair fiber as its main ingredient. I recommend the Truss Professional Net Mask.
  3. One of the reasons for drying hair is due to the excessive use of tongs, dryers and irons, therefore I always recommend using products that have a thermal protector. This is one of the main causes of hair breakdown. One product that protects hair from heat is Wella Professional EIMI Perfect Me.
  4. Every time you apply shampoo to your hair, spend at least one minute massaging the scalp. This is not only very pleasant and favors the cleaning of your hair, but it also helps stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more natural fat, something that suits your dry hair very well.
  5. I always recommend not using too hot water as this produces an astringent effect that will end up further drying your hair. I always prefer to use warm water and at the end a little cold water to seal the hair cuticles.
  6. In general, the hair when they are very dry is very brittle and you have to be very careful when detangling it after washing it. I recommend that you use thick and separate bristle comb. Comb your hair with a thick, separate bristle comb. This will help to detangle much better without breaking your hair too much. If your mane is very dry and damaged, a good cut would be great to remove the most damaged parts. Put yourself in the hands of a quality stylist and take the opportunity to make a good change of look.

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