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A Doctor And Her Husband Are Murdered In Wisconsin

A Doctor And Her Husband Are Murdered In Wisconsin
A Doctor And Her Husband Are Murdered In Wisconsin

Video: A Doctor And Her Husband Are Murdered In Wisconsin

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A Wisconsin doctor and her husband were found dead moments after removing their daughter and boyfriend from their home for not abiding by the rules of social estrangement.

Neighbors exercising near the University of Wisconsin area found the bodies of Beth Potter and Robin Carre covered in blood in a ditch on March 31, with bullet casings around them, according to local media.

Following the police investigation, authorities arrested two 18-year-olds who knew the couple. One of them turned out to be Khari Sanford, boyfriend of the victims' daughter and who had bragged about what had happened to his friends, according to court documents obtained by People.

Dr. Beth Potter and Robin Carre
Dr. Beth Potter and Robin Carre

In their report, the authorities assure that greed was the motive that motivated the murder. Sanford had learned that the victims kept thousands of dollars in cash at their home through their daughter Miriam Potter Carre, with whom she had a romantic relationship.

It was then that Sanford, together with his accomplice Ali'jah Larrue, prepared the crime to rob the couple before kidnapping and finally executing her. The criminals were arrested this week on two criminal charges of first-degree murder.

The authorities count in the documentation that the doctor and her husband had kicked Sanford and her daughter out of their house for ignoring the rules of social distancing imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, since the victim was concerned about his health due to suffering from a ailment that put her at risk.

The couple rented an apartment for their daughter and boyfriend that they found on the temporary rental site Airbnb. But apparently it was not enough for Miriam, who expressed her disagreement with her parents, according to authorities.

Later, the bodies of the victims were found with a bullet to the head each.

Ali'jah Larrue and Khari Sanford
Ali'jah Larrue and Khari Sanford

Initially, Dr. Nu died instantly upon being shot and was still alive upon arrival at the hospital, where she eventually died.

When the investigation was launched, Miriam remained loyal to her boyfriend and claimed to have been with him in the rented apartment the night of the murders.

However, the police investigation and the statements of several witnesses contradict his testimony. One of the witnesses claims that Sanford confessed to having committed the crime.

If found guilty, the youth could spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

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