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What Bad Bunny, Ivy Queen, Ozuna And Other Stars Are Doing In Quarantine

What Bad Bunny, Ivy Queen, Ozuna And Other Stars Are Doing In Quarantine
What Bad Bunny, Ivy Queen, Ozuna And Other Stars Are Doing In Quarantine

With tours and promotional events postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, how are reggaeton stars spending their days? Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Ivy Queen, Natti Natasha, J Balvin, and other Latinx celebs have been using social media to give us a taste of how they are spending their time in quarantine.

Ivy Queen is staying optimistic and remembering to have fun even though she had to postpone her Raíz No Rama tour due to the virus. The Puerto Rican singer shared a photo of herself all glammed up in her home with an uplifting message. "If the Queena doesn't go to the nightclub, the nightclub comes to the Queena," she joked. "All dressed up for perreo in my living room. If you have no inner joy get some because you will need it to be spiritually balanced. Quarantine perreo has just begun."

Bad Bunny has also kept us entertained with his photos sunbathing in the nude at home in Puerto Rico and playing with his Toy Story buddies. Never losing his sense of humor, the "Yo Perreo Sola" singer knows how to make the most of this downtime.

Ozuna is taking advantage of this quarantine to spend quality time with his loved ones, taking his kids on his boat and recording fun TikTok videos dancing with them. "Enjoy happiness even more now during these times in which life is hanging by a thread. Family is family," I captioned a photo in the pool with his son.

Power couple Anuel AA and Karol G are also keeping things interesting at home, wearing matching Lilo & Stitch outfits to break the routine.

J Balvin is keeping his positive energy in his home in Medellín by practicing meditation and enjoying the company of his adorable puppies. "Father in quarantine," he has jokingly captioned a photo with his golden retrievers.

Another fan of enriching her inner world? Natti Natasha. The Dominican singer shared a photo of herself alone on the beach stretching and meditating. "Meditating is essential for mental health," she reflected.

Leave it to the Latino gang to keep us entertained on social media during quarantine season.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the official website of the CDC.

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