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Tiger King And Other Recommendations To See At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Tiger King And Other Recommendations To See At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine
Tiger King And Other Recommendations To See At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Video: Tiger King And Other Recommendations To See At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine

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Video: Wildlife Trade: From Tiger King to COVID-19 2023, January

No doubts! During the quarantine, one of the activities that cannot be missed is sticking to the television for a few hours to enjoy the latest productions from cinema and television. That is why we selected some series and premiere movies that you should enjoy this weekend at home through Netflix. They are ready? Here are the five recommendations for the premiere of this week:

Tiger King

Take a seat and prepare to be hypnotized with this documentary based on the story of Joe Exotic, also known as Joseph Maldonado Passage, a wild cat fan, owner of one of the most famous zoos in the United States located in Oklahoma. Joe is quite a character: he has his own “Reality show”, he has two boyfriends and he was even a candidate for the presidency of the United States. However, Exotic was popularly known for the hatred and contempt she felt for Carole, her great enemy and competition whom she accused of having killed her own husband. This seven-episode miniseries is wasteless and will blow your mind. Look it up on Netflix!

"The Silence of the White City" or "Twin Murders"

And we continue with another recommendation that this time stars one of our favorites: Javier Rey. It is a methodical and dark story where a cunning inspector investigates a series of murders with a dark and Machiavellian background. The detective explores the archeology and history of this serial killer who accumulates victims with a similar age range and time. A super interesting proposal that will keep you glued to your seat.

"In my block"

And when we go to mention one of the most representative series of the Latino community, we must mention "On my block" or "En mi block". In its third season, the story continues to drive us crazy with the unbalanced adventures of a group of boys in a Los Angeles neighborhood. These young men face countless social and economic hardships in a comical but heartfelt story about Latinos in the United States. Do not miss it!

"The hole"

A warm option is "The Platform" or "El hoyo", a Spanish film that tells the story of Goreng, a man who wakes up in a cement cell with a hole right in the center. According to his cellmate, he is in a vertical prison and a platform from the prison descends every day allowing them to eat food from an extravagant dinner held outside. Prisoners have a chance to eat however they cannot save for later as they risk the cell being cursed, frozen, or hell. This is a story full of ups and downs and surprising outcomes. Recommended.

"Go! Live your way”

And for lovers of romantic series comes "Go! Live your way”, a colorful and intense Argentine musical starring Mía, a talented dancer who definitely brings them to her. The beautiful girl manages to obtain a coveted scholarship in a prestigious academy where she has arrived to give everything. However, upon arrival, she becomes the number one enemy of the academy's most popular girl who happens to be the owner's lucky daughter. You are lover of this type of pink series or perhaps not so much, according to the criticism, this is a very good option.

"The protector" or "The Protector"

And finally I leave you with an option for science fiction lovers. This is the new season of "The Protector" or "El protector". In this series we will meet Hakan, a young businessman who discovers he has a connection to an ancient and secret order charged with protecting Istanbul. Where did you get those powers from? How will you be faithful to your mission? Learn more about this interesting series and tell us what you think.

These are our recommendations for this week. Remember that you can now enjoy these options from there, from the comfort of your home. To get the popcorn and stay home. Until next time!

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