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Doctor Polo Helps Animals

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Doctor Polo Helps Animals
Doctor Polo Helps Animals

Video: Doctor Polo Helps Animals

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Video: Vet Team Work Hard To Save Dog Bitten By Rattlesnake | Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet 2023, January


Dr. Ana María Polo joins the PETA Latino organization in a public service campaign that aims to raise awareness in the community about the importance of caring for our pets as family members. In an exclusive interview, the Cuban gave all the details about this campaign.

Why did you join PETA Latino?

I have joined PETA Latino [because] at this bittersweet moment we are thinking about human survival. [We have to see that we also] have the love of our animals, of our pets.

I have my puppies and they are members of my family and I treat them like members of my family. When I was concerned that if I had enough food and supplies for this coronavirus crisis, I said 'let me see that I have enough for my animals because they are my responsibility and bring unconditional joy and love'.

We must raise awareness

Lack [have] consciousness. There is something positive that has happened in this pandemic is that many people are adoring animals and there is a good lesson there. [But] if you are going to do it, it is a commitment for the rest of an animal's life, how good it gives you joy at this moment that you need, but take care of it for the rest of your life.


[This] is a very beautiful campaign and very propitious for this moment. It is a very nice campaign. It is time to educate ourselves and education is key. PETA accepts donations, you have to be responsible for the animals you have, if you have to have the unconditional love of a pet, you do not have to buy, you have to adopt. Adopting is a beautiful act, abused animals are very thankful.

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