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Africa Zavala Will Be The Mother Of A Boy

Africa Zavala Will Be The Mother Of A Boy
Africa Zavala Will Be The Mother Of A Boy

Video: Africa Zavala Will Be The Mother Of A Boy

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Video: ¡África Zavala revela detalles de sus primeros meses de embarazo! | Hoy 2023, January


Africa Zavala, exclusively revealed the sex of the baby that she and her partner expect, also actor León Peraza "We are excited with this news and happy to share [that we are expecting a boy]," the couple told People en Español.

The Mexican actress, who has been away from television since she starred in the series Atrapada in 2018, announced in February that she was in the sweet wait for her first child with her partner. "We do not fit happiness," shared the futures in a Mexican revusta.

It was at the beginning of last year when the 34-year-old interpreter made her courtship with the handsome man official and since then both have not stopped boasting their love on social networks.

Africa Zavala
Africa Zavala

"I am very happy, very happy and very much in love," expressed just a few months ago the one who was the antagonist of the successful Televisa soap opera The Double Life of Estela Carrillo in an interview with People en Español in which she spoke of her debut as a singer..

Africa thus joins the increasingly long list of soap opera protagonists that throughout this year will debut as mothers, as is also the case with Sherlyn, whose pregnancy is more advanced since she is already in her sixth month while Africa he is barely three.

Congratulations to the couple!

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