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Sech To Stream Concert On YouTube

Sech To Stream Concert On YouTube
Sech To Stream Concert On YouTube

Video: Sech To Stream Concert On YouTube

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Video: #YoutubeAndChill con Sech 2023, February

While much of the United States remains stuck at home due to social distancing rules designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, Panamanian star Sech is joining the list of artists offering free streamable concerts to fans. On Wednesday, March 18, the reggaetonero will broadcast a show via his YouTube channel, starting at 7 pm ET.

Sech's first US tour kicked off last month, but the remaining dates in Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles have been postponed because of the coronavirus. “We're practicing to make sure the shows are good and that people enjoy themselves, which is essential,” I've told People CHICA in February, noting that he was particularly looking forward to the LA show. "I like being everywhere, and spending time with people is the most exciting part. I do like Los Angeles a lot, though - not because of the crowd because I love the fans from all states, but because I like the area a lot.”

On Instagram, Sech asked his fans what songs they'd like to hear during the show, so if you have any requests, now is the time! His tour mate, Dalex, will also be doing a livestreamed show via his own YouTube channel on Thursday, March 19, beginning at 7 pm ET. Both shows will followed by a Q&A with viewers.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the official website of the CDC.

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