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Coronavirus A Greater Threat Than Terrorism

Coronavirus A Greater Threat Than Terrorism
Coronavirus A Greater Threat Than Terrorism

Video: Coronavirus A Greater Threat Than Terrorism

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Video: ISIS Issues Coronavirus Advisory, Asks Terrorists To Avoid Travel To Coronavirus-Affected Countries 2023, February

The World Health Organization (WHO) raised the level of alert to the expansion of the Covid-19 virus, known as coronavirus, declaring it the "number one public enemy" and considering it as a greater threat than any terrorist attack.

Its general director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, revealed that the organization is in a fundraising campaign to mobilize the outbreak in December, according to figures from the National Health Commission of that country.

As for the possibility of creating a vaccine, Tedros said that it could be ready in the next 18 months. Therefore, he considered it necessary to intelligently use the tools that are available so far to combat the virus.

The WHO reported Tuesday that Covid-19 will be the official name of the disease, whose virus was first identified in China in December last year. It was explained that "co" means "crown", "vi" for "virus" and "d" for "disease".

The decision was made at a meeting of 400 experts at the organization's headquarters in Geneva to prevent the new respiratory pathology from being a source of stigma and rejection against China and its citizens.

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