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Three-year-old Boy Beaten To Death For Eating A Cake?

Three-year-old Boy Beaten To Death For Eating A Cake?
Three-year-old Boy Beaten To Death For Eating A Cake?

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A woman in Atlanta pleaded guilty to killing a three-year-old boy from a beating because he ate a cupcake, the New York Post reported. LaShirley Morris confessed in December 2019 that he beat KeJuan Mason with a baseball bat, killing the boy. The boy was reportedly found in October 2017 in a “roach infested” house in Atlanta. KeJuan had bruises all over his body. LaShirley and her sister Glenndria Morris - who was KeJuan's godmother and had legal custody of the boy when he died - initially assured police that the boy had died after choking a cupcake in his throat.

However, his autopsy revealed that the boy had died after being severely beaten and had bruises on his legs, back, chest, buttocks, arm and head, according to authorities. The boy's grandmother, Xavier Upshaw, testified in court that KeJuan had died of a brutal beating for eating a cake. “I had six grandchildren, now I have five. It's unfair, he was three years old, "said the grandmother.

The boy died from the severity of his injuries in a hospital on October 21, 2017, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In addition to pleading guilty to murder, LaShirley pleaded guilty to cruelty to a minor in the KeJuan case and was sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison.

KeJuan's godmother, Glenndria Morris - who is facing charges for not stopping the beating her sister gave the minor - is in jail and her case is still pending.

In 2017, KeJuan and three of his siblings were taken into custody of the Georgia Department of Children and Families because their mother Geraldine Mason was accused of abusing the children and leaving them alone in the home. The mother suggested that her godmother Glenndria Morris be given legal custody of the child, and the little boy lived with her and her sister LaShirley Morris until her tragic death. Rest in peace.

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