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Roberto Tapia's Mother Hospitalized For A Stroke

Roberto Tapia's Mother Hospitalized For A Stroke
Roberto Tapia's Mother Hospitalized For A Stroke

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Roberto Tapia has asked his legion of followers to pray for the health of his mother, who is torn between life and death.

"Today I am not going to ask you to buy one of my records or to go to a concert to see me," he wrote on his Instagram account along with a snapshot of his mother. “Today I am going to ask you for a prayer for my mother. She is in very poor health and I need your prayers for my mother to improve. Thanks to everyone who is with me right now. I love you mother and I need you”.

Concerned about the health of his mother, Claudia Tapia, the singer has been watching over her and following the instructions of the doctors who attend her in a hospital in Culiacán, Sinaloa. According to a source close to the singer, the patient's condition remains unimproved.

According to the same source, the 60-year-old woman was conducting some errands on Monday night when she was hospitalized for an emergency with a severe headache. Already in the hospital they detected a stroke and he is in critical condition.

"It is delicate," the source assured People en Español.

In the next few days, the singer's mother will undergo an operation. "They are going to operate on her to clean up the bleeding," the source said. "They are waiting for his brain to deflate."

According to the source, the doctors' forecast is for a 50 percent chance of improvement.

At the moment, the singer has canceled his next performances to be with his mom.

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