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Roberto Tapia's Mother Is Successfully Operated On

Roberto Tapia's Mother Is Successfully Operated On
Roberto Tapia's Mother Is Successfully Operated On

Video: Roberto Tapia's Mother Is Successfully Operated On

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Singer Roberto Tapia is going through a difficult time due to the delicate state of health of his mother Claudia Tapia, who suffered a stroke Monday and was unconscious. But the interpreter can presume that he has an army of fanatics supporting him and answering his request for prayers for his mother, to whom he attributes that his mother has emerged victorious from the operation to which she was subjected.

According to a source close to the singer, Claudia Tapia, 60, underwent surgery on Thursday morning to clean up the internal bleeding caused by the spill and is currently sedated due to medical instructions. Her family hopes that this Saturday she will wake up and come to her senses.

The singer, for his part, thanked the prayers of his followers who have been aware of his mother's health condition since he shared his delicate state through his social networks.

"Blessed God my mother came out of the surgery very well, without complications," said the singer in his Instagram stories. "Thank you once again for continuing to pray for my mother, you really have also [been] part of her fighting for her life and thanks to your prayers she continues to be sheltered by my God and my little virgin."

The singer also explained for the first time what happened to his mother, whom he hopes to take home soon.

"My mother had a stroke in her brain," he published. "But she is having very positive results, which makes me feel very motivated that she is going to improve."

According to a source, the singer's mother was conducting some errands Monday night when she was hospitalized for an emergency with a severe headache. Back in the hospital, doctors detected a stroke and proceeded to operate on her.

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