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Juan Luis Guerra Undergoes Heart Surgery

Juan Luis Guerra Undergoes Heart Surgery
Juan Luis Guerra Undergoes Heart Surgery

Video: Juan Luis Guerra Undergoes Heart Surgery

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Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra is in full recovery after undergoing a heart operation on Wednesday. According to his spokesman, Severo Rivera, the surgical intervention was "brief and successful".

The surgery was reportedly carried out at the National District health center in Santo Domingo, and the 62-year-old singer is expected to make a satisfactory recovery during the December holidays, for which he will remain at home.

His operation took the bachatero fans by surprise, unaware that he had any health problem. Guerra had not shared that he would undergo a medical procedure, so the news worried some of his followers. His messages of support and good wishes, however, were immediate and on social networks they have expressed their feelings.

Guerra is expected to recover in time to attend the Grammy Awards on January 26 in Los Angeles, where he is nominated for Best Latin Tropical Album for his album Literal.

In November, the Dominican took home two Latin Grammy Awards for the same album.

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