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Jacqueline Bracamontes Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery

Jacqueline Bracamontes Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery
Jacqueline Bracamontes Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery

Video: Jacqueline Bracamontes Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery

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Video: La incertidumbre llevó a Jacqueline Bracamontes a cumplir un sueño | Netas Divinas | Canal U 2023, January

Without hair on his tongue, Jacqueline Bracamontes has publicly revealed that she will undergo cosmetic surgery to try to shovel, a little, the damage caused to her figure after giving birth to five children, one of them died. Thus, the driver released an image where he is seen in a hospital bed preparing for the operation.


“Body and paint time! Scalpel, come to me!”Bracamontes wrote to accompany the photograph he released on his Instagram account. "With pleasure I want to share with you that I have decided to pamper myself with some fair and necessary arrangements."

The also actress made it clear that these types of interventions have their degree of pain for recovery. In addition, she took the opportunity to thank the support of her fans, but, above all, of her husband and father of her daughters Martín Fuentes.

"After four uffff pregnancies, it was urgent !!!" Thank you for your prayers and your support always !!! I'll tell you how it goes! Although the doctor says I'm going to hate him for a whole week! Thank you my Martín Fuentes for being by my side and always supporting and pampering me !!!”.

Netizens immediately reacted to this revelation and filled it with allusive messages.

“You look beautiful though. You will know where you need your arrangements… many blessings that everything goes well”, mentioned one follower.

"You will be more beautiful !!!! You pass the data of the doctor I also want a fix after three pregnancies ", commented another fan.

OMG! Well, I see you as perfect, but if that makes you feel better and you consider it that way; from here my support! A brave hug and may you recover very well!”Said someone else.

Jacky Bracamontes may also release images of the recovery. We will have to wait.

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