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A Marriage Petition At A KFC Becomes A Fairy Tale

A Marriage Petition At A KFC Becomes A Fairy Tale
A Marriage Petition At A KFC Becomes A Fairy Tale

Video: A Marriage Petition At A KFC Becomes A Fairy Tale

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A South African couple won't have to worry about the details - or expenses - of their wedding thanks to the stranger who recorded the marriage petition at a humble KFC fast food restaurant.

Now dozens of companies and small businesses have volunteered to help pay for what the African country calls a "dream wedding."

According to the Washington Post, Kateka Malobola was outside a KFC restaurant when she saw a man inside the establishment kneel down and take the hand of his companion, so he immediately began recording the scene.

The video shared on the networks shows Bhut 'Hector asking his girlfriend Nonhlanhla to marry him surrounded by diners from his favorite restaurant. The recording, which has already been played more than 1.4 million times and included the hashtags #KFCProposal and #KFCWedding, caught the attention of the restaurant chain, which immediately asked for the help of their followers to locate the newly engaged couple and offer them a wedding gift.

What the lovers never imagined is that hundreds of thousands of strangers would mobilize to help the couple in their bond.

“I took the video and sent it to a group [of friends] that I have on my WhatsApp to say 'watch this', and I put it on Facebook, I put it on Instagram and then boom! The whole country has a blessed wedding!”Malobola expressed on her social networks.

According to the Post, a gift registry has already been created to organize all the gifts the couple has received, such as the wedding dress, shoes, travel, food and even tents and sheep.

The bride and groom have become all celebrities: various brands have offered them their products. They already have transportation courtesy of Audi, drinks by Coca Cola and a VIP experience at the Toni Braxton concert thanks to McDonald's. Added to this is a honeymoon trip, jewelry, music, photographers, provisions, the renovation of your room or kitchen, toys for adults and even a job offer. In addition, a radio station has offered to broadcast the event live throughout South Africa.

“The couple already has almost all the expenses covered by what I see. All for a single video, "said Malobola.

According to the New York Post, the couple is more than happy with what happened.

"It is too much to process, so they have asked for time to decide their next step," said the one who will be the master of ceremonies. "They can't believe it."

For its part, the KFC chain in South Africa confirmed on its social networks that it will meet with the couple to finalize details.

Long live the bride and groom!

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