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Alicia Machado Buys In Dollar Stores

Alicia Machado Buys In Dollar Stores
Alicia Machado Buys In Dollar Stores

Video: Alicia Machado Buys In Dollar Stores

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As a single mother and housewife, Alicia Machado knows that you have to take care of the household economy and not by having a few zeros in your bank account is she willing to squander it.

The former Miss Universe has no hesitation in confessing to her followers that she is pending on how she spends her money and not because she is a celebrity, she has to overpay for simple items. For this reason, the famous Todo a stores created a video modeling in the corridors of one of these stores, where they went to buy cleaning supplies.

"Looking for the economy and cleanliness," he wrote with the video he shared on his social networks.

Machado has confessed to being addicted to shopping and perhaps that habit has led her to learn how to adjust the budget, especially considering that as a single mother she has the responsibility of taking care of her little Dinorah.

Alicia Machado and Dinorah
Alicia Machado and Dinorah

The also producer and actress, has revealed that the father of her daughter did not want to be present in her life, so she has to play the role of father and mother, something that has marked the Venezuelan.

"My daughter is a girl product of a relationship of two people who loved each other very much," Machado said in an interview with Suelta la sopa (Telemundo). "I am not still in love with him [the dad], but it hurts a lot for my daughter".

Dinorah has been the faithful companion of her mommy and is not missing in the most important moments of the model, such as her recent launch party for her makeup line Alicia Machado by RV Cosmetics, where the little girl was watching over her mom.

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