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Kim Kardashian And Her Worms From The West

Kim Kardashian And Her Worms From The West
Kim Kardashian And Her Worms From The West

Video: Kim Kardashian And Her Worms From The West

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Kim Kardashian surprised her fans today with a new costume this Halloween week. Under the title "the worms of the west", the billionaire businesswoman made a pun with the last name of her husband, the music idol Kanye West, while they all posed dressed as fascinating insects.

With some fantastic and better produced photos, the couple appears with their four children: North, 6 years old; Saint, 3; Chicago, almost two years old and Psalm, five months. They all wear spectacular costumes but the one that scares the most is undoubtedly the music idol.

In the post we can also see a behind-the-scenes photographic report in which the singer takes off his terrifying mask, full of small tongues, and encourages his little daughter to touch her costume. Surely, the girl was really scared and seeing her parents dressed so convincingly, it's no wonder.

Kim happily claimed that her extraordinary costume glowed in the dark and her husband's moved mechanically in all directions using the animatronics technique. With it, robots and electronic mechanisms simulate the behavior of living beings. So not only was the look futuristic in style: so is the use of the technology used!

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