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Camila Cabello Breaks Protocol Visit Kensington Palace

Camila Cabello Breaks Protocol Visit Kensington Palace
Camila Cabello Breaks Protocol Visit Kensington Palace

Video: Camila Cabello Breaks Protocol Visit Kensington Palace

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Video: Royals Reacts To Camila Cabello Stealing From Palace 2023, February

Camila Cabello was surprised to appear in Kensington Palace itself next to Kate Middleton and Prince William in a photo where there apparently could be a golden rule of strict British royal protocol.

The event in question was the announcement of the tenth edition of the BBC Radio 1 Teen Heroes Awards and in official photos issued by the royal house, the smiling Cuban-American singer is seen next to the Dukes of Cambridge. Everyone appears smiling and looking at the camera holding a diploma or simply with their arms at their sides -as was the case with the dukes.

But in the case of the interpreter from “Havana”, she appears with both arms surrounding two of the participating boys. The spontaneous gesture would suggest that the artist had violated official protocol because, according to the royals' rules, one of the members of the royal family should not be touched, beyond a wave of the hand. Fortunately this Hair case is not touching either Kate or William, just the two teens.

"I was so honored to be invited to Kensington Palace to meet and celebrate this year's Teen Hero Finalists," Cabello later told BBC News. “Hearing the amazing things they have accomplished is extremely inspiring. Their passion and dedication to helping others is amazing and they have really impacted me!”

These awards celebrate the work of British teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 who inspire others, encourage them and seek to make a difference in their communities. The award winners for this 2019 will be announced on November 24.

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