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Ana Brenda Suffered Depression In Hollywood

Ana Brenda Suffered Depression In Hollywood
Ana Brenda Suffered Depression In Hollywood

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Video: popular celebrities suffering from depression 2023, February

He always has a smile on his mouth. It is difficult to see her sad or to speak of negative things, that is why Ana Brenda Contreras has touched our hearts with her strong testimony. During an honest interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the actress has confessed the pain she felt having to leave her life behind and start in a new place without her loved ones nearby.

“When I moved to Atlanta, what I believed to be my dreams in life turned out not to be. I started to have many anxiety attacks, panic attacks and depression because I was in a city where I didn't know anyone, my dad had just died, I had just finished a long-term stable relationship because of the distance, "she confesses sincerely about this. life in which he faced a great professional challenge, the Dinasty series.

With her he ventured for the first time and in a big way in Hollywood, his lifelong dream. However, the experience made her realize that maybe it wasn't what her heart really wanted.

Despite the good professional experience that it meant, the actress decided not to continue in the new season and take time out for her. "It hit me very hard, I rethought all the things that had happened and because of what happiness was in life," she says most honestly.


That does not mean, and so clearly leaves it, that she retires or that this means the end of her career. She loves her profession and the contact with people above all things. "I love that on the street people approach me with so much affection and give me the blessing, that is not paid for with anything," she continues excited and always highlighting her wonderful audience in Mexico, always so unconditional.

Now she is going to focus on herself, love herself and let herself be loved by her own. "Hold me so little because I need to nurture the person, I need to heal, do normal things for a woman, be with my mother now that I don't have my dad." And when a good project comes, she will not hesitate to grab the bull by the horns and jump headlong, as she has always done. "I need something that I'm passionate about," he concludes, and if he's Mexican, the better.

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