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Cody Gregg Prison Cocaine Possession Was Powdered Milk

Cody Gregg Prison Cocaine Possession Was Powdered Milk
Cody Gregg Prison Cocaine Possession Was Powdered Milk

Video: Cody Gregg Prison Cocaine Possession Was Powdered Milk

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Video: A Man Plead Guilty To Cocaine Possession. Turns Out, It's Powdered Milk 2023, February

A man who lives on the streets of Oklahoma and who was arrested for alleged possession of cocaine has been released by authorities who had sentenced him to 15 years in prison and later realized that the alleged drug was nothing more than powdered milk..

The events date back to August 19 when the suspect, Cody Gregg, was detained while riding a bicycle through a neighborhood in southwest Oklahoma.

Police chased the man, who lacks a fixed home, and later detained him for not having lights on his bicycle, The Oklahoman reported. When they finally arrested him, they found that Gregg had "a large quantity of a substance in the form of a white powder" that was inside a plastic bag and inside a brown can.

Gregg explained to Judge Timothy R. Henderson that he had obtained the milk as a donation from a charity kitchen and was still convicted. According to the Washington Post, Gregg had pleaded not guilty, but after spending nearly two months in the Oklahoma jail - considered one of the worst in the United States - he pleaded guilty as long as he was removed from there.

Police "believed" that it was cocaine "based on their training and experience," police sources alleged in their defense, explaining that the drug had initially tested positive for cocaine.

However, the dust was later analyzed in a laboratory where the true nature of the substance was discovered. Last Thursday, after the results were revealed, the judge dismissed the case and released the accused.

According to the publication, the police routinely use similar tests to those used in Gregg's case to identify prohibited substances. Frequently such tests give equivocal results, however, many police stations continue to use them.

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