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Lady Gaga Falls Concert In Las Vegas - Video

Lady Gaga Falls Concert In Las Vegas - Video
Lady Gaga Falls Concert In Las Vegas - Video

Video: Lady Gaga Falls Concert In Las Vegas - Video

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Lady Gaga hugging a fan and falling off stage in Las Vegas 10/17/19 2023, January

We are used to their eccentricities, in fact, without them nothing in Lady Gaga would be the same, that's why we love it. But this time what happened to the artist was not planned. In the middle of a passionate performance at a concert in Las Vegas, the singer suffered a dramatic fall that could have cost her a great deal of chagrin.

She did not do it alone, with her a fan who had taken her in her arms also fell apart. The absolutely real scene has gone viral, as expected, and the networks have already shown all the shots of the fateful moment.

Fortunately, neither she nor the young man suffered serious injuries and the artist, who has great resistance, continued to give everything on stage judging by the videos recorded later. Gaga took it with the sense of humor that characterizes her and in a few minutes thanks to her jet of voice, the fall was history.

Always grateful and devoted to her fans, the singer gave her all with this young man whom she allowed to lift her into her arms. Nothing foreshadowed that both would end up in the pit and that the cameras of her followers in the front row captured the uncomfortable moment.

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that the artist goes viral. These days, another tweet of his asking what was Fortnite, the famous video game that has gone around the world, had more than 230 thousand retweets and was the most commented of the day on social networks.

So one more anecdote to add to the list of this great artist, winner of an Oscar for her music in the movie A Star Is Born, and one of the best voices of the moment. Thank you for your grace dear.

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