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Bad Bunny And Natanael Cano Musical Duet

Bad Bunny And Natanael Cano Musical Duet
Bad Bunny And Natanael Cano Musical Duet

Video: Bad Bunny And Natanael Cano Musical Duet

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Video: Natanael Cano , Bad Bunny - Soy El Diablo (Remix) | Vlog #1 2023, February

Like any boy his age, the first thing that Nathanael Cano does at the beginning of his day is to check his social networks to greet his more than 300,000 followers and find out what his favorite artists are doing. What he never expected was to find a video where one of his musical idols, the trap star Bad Bunny, is singing his second single titled "I am the devil" to announce his presentation in Mexico.

“Not only does it mean something in my career, it means something to the [Mexican] regional [genre]. I still don't quite grasp what happened,”the 18-year-old says incredulously to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL.

Any collaboration in doors? It may be, but the answer is reserved.

The truth is that Cano has not had time to assimilate what has happened to him in recent months. Just eight months ago he spent the day watching series on Netflix at his parents' house and today he lives on stage playing the music he composes, thus fulfilling his life dream.

“In half a year, what I have humbly achieved, I have achieved, is outrageous. It doesn't exist”, she comments. “It doesn't scare me because in this [job] it's just keeping making music and if you have talent you stay forever, it's proven. I am sure of the talent I have, I am sure of what I write. I think [my career] is not something of the moment. We are going to make an impression.”

The singer who in less than 24 hours almost reaches a million views of his new single titled "El Drip" (Rancho Humilde), is aware that he is living a privileged moment, so he wants to make the most of it. But he also admits that so much movement in his life has distanced him a bit from the pen and the notebook, so he does not rule out diving into some jungle to invoke inspiration.

"I say it as a joke and not because I have always thought that life is very short and anything I think or want to do is what I am going to do. I'm never going to miss an opportunity, "he said. "I have to go to the jungle to write a pin..e discote".

But with the successful start of his career and the approval of Bad Bunny, the journey will have to wait, since he will most likely return to a recording studio before reuniting with nature.

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