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Russian Blogger Shows Sick Son In Controversial Photos

Russian Blogger Shows Sick Son In Controversial Photos
Russian Blogger Shows Sick Son In Controversial Photos

Video: Russian Blogger Shows Sick Son In Controversial Photos

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Social networks have become a platform to claim what you believe in and to defend important causes. This is the case of Ekaterina Mezenova, a courageous mother who has caused a stir by sharing some compromised photographs of her sick son.

The little boy was born with a nevus, better known as a mole, which occupies a large part of his body. It is not just a physical condition, since it also involves a high risk of contracting skin cancer.

Accustomed to seeing his happy images as a family, the famous Russian blogger finally used this platform to show the reality of her life, neither so perfect nor so glamorous. The photos have impacted for several reasons; the skin so marked of the little one, but, above all, the smiles emanating from mother and son despite the hard case.

In her heartfelt letter to her followers, which is close to a million, the young mother admits that she has had a hard time accepting it and that tears have often come to her eyes. In her strong testimony, she assured that for a long time she tried to hide her son's huge mole with clothes that had long sleeves, but that fear ended.

Unfortunately it is one of those so-called 'rare diseases' whose causes of its appearance are unknown. The complete cure of the nevus is not possible, but through a special treatment of around seven sessions, the risks involved can be considerably reduced.

For this you will have to travel to Israel where the treatment would take place. Due to the high cost of it, which is around half a million dollars, Ekaterina has already started to raise money to help her son. Hence, making it public and publicizing this case that could also help other mothers who go through similar situations.

Throwing in the towel is not in his plans and he has also made it known in this emotional publication. His intention is "to work tirelessly, not give up and enjoy the little things," he said. We hope that this is the case and that the treatment has a very positive effect on the child.

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