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Satcha Pretto Sick Son With E Coli

Satcha Pretto Sick Son With E Coli
Satcha Pretto Sick Son With E Coli

Video: Satcha Pretto Sick Son With E Coli

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Video: Satcha Pretto (06 11 2018) 2023, January

We know a lot about her. But not all. Her sweet smile and way of telling things on television are two of the many reasons that people admire her. What few imagined is that behind that beautiful face that he gives us every day, Satcha Pretto also hides suffering, like anyone else.

In a new segment of the Despierta América program called Who are we? its presenters and collaborators will undress for the public on an intense journey through their lives. This time it was the turn of Satcha, who surprised us all by recounting for the first time the illness that his son Bruce had suffered.

"I have never told it before because I feel that people can criticize or point to one as a father," confesses his partner Alan Tacher in this interview. Little Bruce caught E. coli, a bacterium that settles in the intestines and comes from contaminated food or water.

It usually occurs after trips and in the case of the 39-year-old presenter, it happened after a visit with her husband Aaron Butler and her son to Barcelona, ​​where they remembered their romantic and secret wedding that she also talks about in this moving talk.

"When we were leaving Spain, at the moment the taxi stops in front of the airport, I carry Bruce and Bruce vomits, but in an exorbitant amount," he explains through tears. "We arrived, we came on the plane and he was getting worse, it was a super difficult picture," she recalls in anguish.


From that moment on, visits to the doctor and daily analyzes began to combat this disease. A condition that if not well cured can have serious consequences, especially at such an early age, since Bruce was barely a year and a half old.

Now that everything has passed and the recovery has been impressive, he considers it necessary to share this experience in case it can help someone. "Now I do tell it because after that and the doctor himself told me it is like Bruce resurfaced stronger than ever," says the also happy mother of Alana, moved.

The little boy, now five years old, is better than ever and without a trace of the famous bacteria. An emotional and courageous testimony for which we thank our partner. The interview was a discovery by the communicator who also shared aspects of his life that we did not know, such as his secret wedding or the pain of his mother's separation after his arrival in the United States. A conversation worth seeing. Thanks Satcha!

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