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Carmen Villalobos Cries When Remembering Her Father

Carmen Villalobos Cries When Remembering Her Father
Carmen Villalobos Cries When Remembering Her Father

Everything is ready so that this Friday Carmen Villalobos and her partner, the also Colombian actor Sebastián Caicedo, will say 'yes I do' after more than 11 years of happy relationship.

The wedding, to be held in the couple's native country, Colombia, will have an important absence: that of Villalobos' father, who died two years ago.

"I know that my dad would have loved to give me because my dad dreamed of this day," said the beautiful Colombian interpreter excitedly in a recent interview with the television program Al Rojo Vivo (Telemundo) conducted by the Venezuelan presenter Rodner Figueroa.

Tearfully, the actress acknowledged that it would have been 'nice' to walk with him towards the altar, but at the same time she said calmly and happy to know that somehow she will be present.

“Nowadays I say 'how nice it would have been to have him with me' but I know that he is with me and I know that he will be with me that day, so it is something that makes me happy to know that he is going to be with me and accompanying me on that side. I am calm”, assured Villalobos.

Although she would have loved that her father was with her, the actress knows that she will be very well accompanied by her mother, who in the absence of her father will be the person who will deliver her to the altar.

"The one who is going to walk with me is going to be my mommy, who is my pillar, is my engine, my mom has become a very special person also for Sebastián and the three of us are a great team," acknowledged Villalobos, who has more than 12 million followers on Instagram alone.

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