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New York Body In A Sewer

New York Body In A Sewer
New York Body In A Sewer

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Video: Here's where New York City's sewage really goes 2023, February

Workers at a phone company in New York made a macabre discovery Tuesday when they found the body of a man inside a sewer in a central corner of Manhattan. The body had been there for about two weeks and was eaten away by rats, according to witnesses.

The body was found at the intersection of 58th Street and Eighth Avenue, just one block from world-famous Central Park. The victim was presumed to be a homeless man who wandered into the sewer by jumping Verizon company security fences until he reached the hole that was uncovered.

Apparently the man fell there on September 30, as it could be verified by reviewing security cameras that captured his silhouette passing near the sewer at 2:30 am, then suddenly disappeared and never left again.

When Verizon workers returned to the scene last Tuesday to continue their work, they discovered the rotting corpse facing up and lying on cables.

According to the police the body had been partially by the rats and was very decomposed. "The smell was indescribable," one worker told the New York Post.

It is unknown if at the time of his fall there were workers guarding the sewer, but sources say that no one noticed that a body was inside the hole, a source told the publication.

The victim was described by police as a man in his 30s and 40s wearing a shirt and shorts. The coroner conducts the investigations to determine the cause of death.

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