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The Lord Of Heaven 7 Hearing Death Aurelio Casillas

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The Lord Of Heaven 7 Hearing Death Aurelio Casillas
The Lord Of Heaven 7 Hearing Death Aurelio Casillas

Video: The Lord Of Heaven 7 Hearing Death Aurelio Casillas

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Video: El Señor de los Cielos 7 | Capítulo 7 | Telemundo 2023, February

The Lord of the Skies returned forcefully to the Telemundo screens. The superset starring Matías Novoa, Isabella Castillo, Carmen Aub and a great cast became during the premiere of its expected seventh season the most watched show in Hispanic prime time.

Nearly 2 million viewers (P2 +) and 1.1 million adults 18-49 years old witnessed the surprise death of its protagonist, Aurelio Casillas; according to Nielsen data.

Top 3

1. The lord of the skies: 1.9 million

2. The usurper: 1.7 million

3. Exathlon: 1.5 million


Defeat The Dragon

The fiction that the renowned Mexican actor Rafael Amaya headed since 2013 negatively affected the audience of El dragon (Univision), which averaged one of its lowest marks to date in its first confrontation against El Señor de los Skies.


1. The Lord of the Skies: 1.9 million

2. The Dragon: 1.1 million

Second most viewed premiere of the year

The debut of the new season of The Lord of the Skies was also positioned as the second most watched premiere of the year on Spanish-language television, second only to the start of the second season of La reina del sur, which averaged in April 2.36 million total viewers (P2 +) and 1.26 million adults 18-49.


The queen of the south.

The least watched season

Despite its successful debut, the premiere of the seventh season of Lord of the Skies registered a slight decrease in audience with respect to the previous seasons of the superset, which exceeded two million viewers (P2 +) during its first episode.

1. The Lord of Heaven 5: 2.2 million

2. The Lord of Heaven 6: 2.1 million

3. The Lord of Heaven 7: 1.9 million


Rafael Amaya.

The new season of The Lord of the Skies started with the death of Aurelio Casillas, an unexpected event that generated a great commotion through social networks.

We will see how the superset audience evolves as the chapters advance now that Rafael Amaya is no longer part of the veteran fiction.

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