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The Lord Of Heaven: Why Did Aurelio Casillas Die?

The Lord Of Heaven: Why Did Aurelio Casillas Die?
The Lord Of Heaven: Why Did Aurelio Casillas Die?

Video: The Lord Of Heaven: Why Did Aurelio Casillas Die?

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What was going to happen with the character of Rafael Amaya in The Lord of the Skies was a complete unknown, but although it was possible that what finally happened would happen, the followers of the successful superseries were confident that Telemundo would not dare to kill the protagonist of his fiction star for fear of losing audience. It was not so.

The Spanish-language network surprised everyone last Monday during the premiere of the seventh season of the superset by ending the life of the famous drug trafficker, who for more than 6 years was the soul of one of the most successful stories of Hispanic prime time..


An unexpected and, at the same time, risky decision that did not take long to unleash the anger of the faithful followers of the veteran fiction of Telemundo.

"The series is nothing without Rafael" or "I will not see it again" are some of the thousands of comments that have flooded the networks since the scene that puts an end to Amaya's participation in Mr. from the heaven.

But what led Telemundo to make this drastic and risky decision?

Neither the network nor Amaya have commented on the reason behind Aurelio's unexpected outcome, but it is at least striking that the actor continues without showing signs of life through his social networks.

Rafael Amaya
Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya.

"It is not the first or the last time that in a fictional story the main character dies to give a twist to the story," said one of the actors in the superset, Álex Walerstein ('El Greñas'), recently through your Instagram profile.

Walerstein revealed that by contract they were prohibited from telling what was going to happen to Amaya.

"When you are not a boss and you are only an employee, you have to follow orders from above, such as confidentiality," the actor made clear.

There is no doubt that Amaya's departure supposes a breath of fresh air for fiction since it forces her to renew her plots, something necessary in a series as long as this; but the mystery with which everything has been handled is suspect.

"Aurelio's death has hit us all, but no one but his closest friends, his mother, his children. It is what I want to see, how they will overcome that pain and what their absence forces them to do,”acknowledged the superset writer, Luis Zelkowicz, on Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether Amaya's departure will negatively affect the audience.

At the moment, the superset kicked off its seventh season in front of nearly 2 million viewers (P2 +).

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