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Yahir Calls

Yahir Calls
Yahir Calls

Video: Yahir Calls

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Last weekend, Yahir was the victim of an armed assault in Mexico City. The singer was leaving the gym and suffered this crime; Given this, he decided to send a congratulatory message to the criminals, who stripped him of all his belongings without the slightest remorse.

"I have been leaving the gym and I am making this video to congratulate the band that just assaulted us right now, pistol in hand, in broad daylight," Yahir mentioned in a video that he uploaded to his Instagram account. "Going out of the gym; here in the Del Valle neighborhood of Mexico City.”

Yahir, look at them
Yahir, look at them

The reason for this audiovisual was also a complaint to the work of the authorities of the Aztec capital; in which, as mentioned in the media and with the inhabitants, the number of crimes has increased due to the lack of conditions to prevent crimes or arrest criminals.

"I am arriving in Mexico City because I had commitments all weekend," he explained. "He came with loaded suitcases. It came with everything: computer, iPad, clothes, clothes for concerts, the whole show. So I want to congratulate you because all the work [work] they do is very good. May every mother keep what is foreign; what the hell to be able to do in daylight, whenever, stay with all those things and nobody tell them anything. Nobody catches them, nobody does absolutely nothing."

Yahir could not hide his annoyance and ended the message with a strong insult to the thieves.

"Congratulations for that chamba that have children of all their very rotten mother," he warned. Keep doing it. Congratulations".

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