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Matías Novoa Gained 22 Pounds For The Lord Of The Skies 7
Matías Novoa Gained 22 Pounds For The Lord Of The Skies 7

Video: Matías Novoa Gained 22 Pounds For The Lord Of The Skies 7

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Video: El Señor de los Cielos 7 | Así celebra Matías Novoa | Telemundo 2023, February

The wait was long, but it was finally over. The veteran Telemundo superset The Lord of the Skies that Rafael Amaya has been leading since 2013 returns tonight to the first Hispanic time with a seventh season full of news and many unknowns to clear. Within hours of its premiere, we spoke with its protagonist, the Chilean actor Matías Novoa, who tells us all the news about his participation in this success story and tells us about what it was like for him to record fiction with his now wife, the actress. of Cuban origin Isabella Castillo.

One of the actors who has been in the superset for more years commented on his social networks that it is the season where the most risks were taken, do you agree?

In a way, yes, but the essence remains the same. The dramatic line remains the same, only more action and more drama were added to it and obviously the production quality is completely different. It is even better than the last one.


Your character closed the previous season surrendering to the authorities, what can you tell us about what will happen with Amado this season?

Amado last season surrendered to the authorities to save the family so they could escape, so now comes the rescue to Amado. Let's see if he manages to escape from the authorities, first Mexican and then gringas, because they are both behind him for all the past issue that he brought with the CIA and from there begins the whole outcome of the story.

As an actor, what challenges does it bring you to give life to a character like Amado?

First, the action that requires previous work. Right now I gained 10 kilos more, that is, they are going to see me very differently from last season physically because if I dedicated myself to exercising more, eating better, doing a little martial arts to complete more the character because last time I arrived very fast and I didn't have time to prepare it well. Now I had the time so I already felt the character much more mine. I had about three months of preparation and they will be able to see it. I think there is a great change in the character and also because you begin to know a lot about his story, his past, where he comes from, so they will know him much more.


Matías Novoa is Amado Casillas.

In the previous season, you and Isabella Castillo were coworkers and now you are husband and wife. What has it been like to work with your already wife on the same project?

It is a strange feeling because now I take care of her more, so I am pending… I don't know, suddenly we have bed scenes, for example, and I take care of her more as a man, I protect her a little more. Undoubtedly she totally changed from having acted with her in the sixth season to now that she is already my wife.


You're jealous?

No, not on that side. Rather I speak to you on the personal side with her, about taking care of her on stage; on the other hand perfect because we are professionals and it is our job.

The Lord of the Skies 7 premieres this Monday at 10 pm ET on Telemundo.

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