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Lucía Méndez And Dulce Controversy Over Photo With Coffin José José

Lucía Méndez And Dulce Controversy Over Photo With Coffin José José
Lucía Méndez And Dulce Controversy Over Photo With Coffin José José

Video: Lucía Méndez And Dulce Controversy Over Photo With Coffin José José

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Lucía Méndez has defended herself from the criticism unleashed by her behavior during the funeral services of the Prince of Song, José José, which took place on Wednesday at the prestigious Fine Arts venue in Mexico City.

The legendary actress and singer, along with her comadre, the singer Dulce, were harshly criticized after being caught posing and smiling as they stood guard before the interpreter's coffin, stealing attention and causing outrage to some of those present, including several of their colleagues.

Given the situation, the actress saw the need to respond to the accusations and through her social networks she said that she simply spoke to her friend, whom she said had been very close, as she had always done when they saw each other.

“We want to clarify something that definitely does not interpret things that are not. When I arrived at the coffin with my comadre Dulce, I spoke to José José as I have always spoken to him, like my friend, my friend,”he explained through a video published on his social networks with Dulce.

“I said to him: José, it really is worth everything…. No matter what happened, the problems, the passions that you always provoked in all José. Get up, sing to Christ, don't worry, don't be apprehensive. I know you are very sensitive, please let your spirit be happy because you deserve it, and it's worth mad..e everything! "He assured.

Sweet for her part, she commented that she laughed at the comment of her comadre and it was precisely that moment that was captured in the photograph that has gone viral.

"Good luck to you, and everything!" He said. I laughed because she is very nice, Lucia is one of the friendliest people I know, yes you are comadre. You are very outgoing, very spontaneous and you say things as they are, "said Dulce.

“It made me laugh for the sympathy that she spoke to José José, at no time a mockery. Why don't they say we stood guard twice? Why don't they say, when they say we were talking, we were [praying] the Our Father, looking at each other? A Our Father that no one else did. We did go to ask for his soul, "he added.

In addition, they clarified that at no time did they want to sing, as has been commented on the networks, but that Méndez spoke with the orchestra in charge to interpret songs by José José and not by other artists.

"Lucia said to them: 'It is a lack of respect that they are touching things that do not correspond to the personality we are watching over,'" Dulce explained. Please don't invent. We have great love and respect for our friend and we always will. And I wish many who are criticizing knew the love with which that man treated us.”

Jose Jose, Lucia Mendez
Jose Jose, Lucia Mendez

Along with the video, Méndez asked his followers to continue praying for the singer, for whom he reiterated his love.

“Dear friend José José, as I told you, all problems don't matter. The most important thing is your elevation, so we must all keep praying. I know that in heaven they will receive you with bass drums and cymbals”, he pointed out.

Méndez and Dulce were two of the dozens of artists who accompanied the Sosa family to say goodbye to the prince of the song.

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