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Salma Hayek Controversy Over Photo Of The Last Supper

Salma Hayek Controversy Over Photo Of The Last Supper
Salma Hayek Controversy Over Photo Of The Last Supper

Video: Salma Hayek Controversy Over Photo Of The Last Supper

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Video: Salma Hayek Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ 2023, January

It seems that Salma Hayek is not resting and this week has been a source of fury on several occasions. This time is not the exception, the actress has caused a strong controversy after releasing an image where she appears in the painting of The Last Supper sitting to the right of Jesus.

"I'm super, super grateful," Hayek wrote to accompany the snapshot she posted on her Instagram account. "12 [million followers]. Gratitude".

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

Although it all seemed like a simple message of thanks because it has reached 12 million followers on this social network, that did not prevent some netizens from turning over the protagonist of the film The Alley of Miracles a series of criticisms for something they considered " disrespectful".

"But how stupid, you have to be more respectful !!!!!", mentioned one user.

"Lack of respect !!!!" said a fan.

"I don't think it's funny playing with the things of God," added someone else.

"And all this circus to celebrate 12 million followers … Then Selena or Kim Kardashian will photoshoot themselves naked with the pope. Be careful and I am not a Catholic nor do I even profess any religion but respect is respect. Shoemaker to her shoe. How fatuous!”Commented another person.

To many others, this seemed like a simple joke on the part of the histrion and they let them know it.

“There is no blasphemy. I loved your photo. You are and will continue to be beautiful in all aspects. I send you my love and respect, "said a netizen.

"I liked the image, only I would add a hamburger," joked a fan.

"You are a powerful being and on top of that you belong to the Eternals, it makes no sense that you shared the Last Supper with Jesus," said one person.

Meanwhile, Salma Hayek continues to celebrate that every day she adds more followers on her social network.

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