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The Best Moments Of Festival People En Español

The Best Moments Of Festival People En Español
The Best Moments Of Festival People En Español

Video: The Best Moments Of Festival People En Español

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Video: William Levy || Entrevista Completa En con People En el Festival People En Espanol 2019 2023, February

This weekend we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the best possible way: with the People en Español Festival that took place on the Armory Track in Washington Heights in New York. A unique opportunity to meet our most beloved stars like Francisca Lachapel or William Levy; listen to interesting conferences with famous guests such as Celia Villalobos or Ivy Queen, and also take gifts, dance with the family and even dive into a ball pit!

On Saturday the 5th, our masters of ceremonies Damaris Díaz and Rafael Araneda presented the event and gave way to the opening ceremony, in which our director Monique Manso and our editor-in-chief Armando Correa, received the entire audience with a warm welcome.

The music did not stop all day with the DJs and dance companies that were present at the event and that made everyone move the skeleton.

In the first conference of the day, reggaeton maker Ivy Queen, Colombian actress Celia Villalobos and assemblywoman Catalina Cruz discussed what it means to be a brave Latina woman with the magazine's executive editor, María Morales, and why they are fearless.

The horse also had an unexpected encounter with two big fans, the musical duo Mau and Ricky, the children of Ricardo Montaner, who also performed during the Festival. Will any musical collaboration come out of this exchange?

Very interesting was the round table "The power of your voice", with Congressman Adriano Espaillat, Univisón 41 news co-presenter, Katiria Soto, CNN Spanish presenter Juan Carlos López, Hispanic Federation Vice President Frankie Miranda and award-winning journalist María Elena Salinas.

As close as ever to his audience, Raúl de Molina shared the stage with his Univisón colleague Ana Patricia Gámez and our main writer Lena Hansen, with whom he spoke about how to improve health and why being healthy is synonymous with being happy. The veteran driver made a surprising confession about what robs him of sleep at night and no, it's not coffee.

Fashion and beauty were not lacking at our Festival. The very beloved host of Univisión, Francisca Lachapel, who revealed the key for which Nuestra Belleza Latina won, was present along with the plus-size model Denise Bidot, fashion expert Carlos Lamarche and sample fashion and beauty director Úrsula Carranza. The afternoon closed with the musical performance of the singer Aymée Nuviola.

Sunday was an exciting day full of strong emotions. The first to hit the stage were reggaeton singer Jhay Cortez, actress Geraldine Bazán, businesswoman and motivator Rosie Rivera, and our entertainment editor Carole Joseph to discuss the weight of fame. Bazán took advantage of the conference to reveal that her daughter Elisa wants to dedicate herself to being an artist. And what do your parents think? Rivera recalled her late sister Jenni Rivera, whose death forced her to be more visible in the public eye.

The motivator María Marín was present accompanied by Facebook community leaders Ezra Morales, Angélica Pérez, Sergio Rosario and Janet Pérez, to talk about how the platform can be a means of extolling Latino culture.

The president of the Bronx, Rubén Díaz Junior and the artist Amara la Negra, full of energy as always, were interviewed by the executive editor of the website, Shirley Velásquez, who also spoke with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. EDe Blasio took advantage of his time at the Festival to send an important message to the Latino community.

That was not the only surprise of the day. Let them tell Luz Subervi, a fan of actor William Levy. The Cuban gallant made her go up on stage! And it is that Festival People is a perfect occasion in which fans and artists meet and can exchange impressions. Levy was presenting her new movie In the Arms of a Murderer and shared an intimate interview with our executive editor María Morales.

The youth said present on the panel “Women in music”, with R&B artist Melii, reggaetonera Melymel, and reggaeton singer-songwriter Mariah, who also made everyone dance with their respective performances.

In addition, during the two days, attendees were able to enjoy a lot of activities with our sponsors: Coca-Cola, Somos, Facebook, Macy's, Univision, The Home Depot, Nickelodeon, Hispanic Federation and Planned Parenthood.

See you next year!

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