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Teenager Kills Girl Autism Brazil

Teenager Kills Girl Autism Brazil
Teenager Kills Girl Autism Brazil

Video: Teenager Kills Girl Autism Brazil

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Brazil is shocked by the horrible crime allegedly committed by a 12-year-old boy who sexually abused a 9-year-old girl who had autism and who he allegedly later beaten to death in a park in Sao Paulo.

The victim, Raíssa Capelli, disappeared on Sunday after attending a youth party at the Anhanguera Unified Cultural Center, a suburb of the Brazilian city.

His body was found about two miles from the site in the municipal park. The youngest had been strangled and was tied to a tree. Her body showed signs of sexual abuse and had been beaten to death with a branch.

Subsequent investigations revealed a security video taken around 12:38 p.m. that day that showed Raíssa walking hand in hand with the suspect. Both children lived on the same street and knew each other, notes the Daily Mail.

The police then questioned the alleged executioner of the minor, who was even the person who notified the police of the presence of the body in the park. When questioned, he fell into contradictions and finally confessed to the crime, according to the Mail.

"He gave no reason. He is very brief when it comes to giving information, he did not show sadness,” Luiz Eduardo de Aguiar, the detective in charge of the case, explained incredulously at a press conference held this Wednesday in Sao Paulo. "They went on foot, played a little, and then he assaulted her, pushed her against a tree, and tied her neck."

"This tragedy has ripped my heart out," lamented the girl's mother, Rosevânia Capelli, speaking to Record TV in Brazil. “Raíssa was a sweet, docile girl. Because she had autism, she was scary and shy and did not come into contact with strangers.”

Aguiar described in the press conference as "tragedy" what happened and pointed out that the girl and her family were low-income and that is precisely why the little girl attended the cultural center parties, as they were free. The suspect is provisionally detained in a juvenile center while psychological studies are being carried out.

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