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2 Year Old Girl Kills Mom Car

2 Year Old Girl Kills Mom Car
2 Year Old Girl Kills Mom Car

Video: 2 Year Old Girl Kills Mom Car

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Video: Daughter Allegedly Stabs Mother to Death 2023, January

Yulia Sharko, a young mother residing in Belarus, died as a result of a terrible accident caused by her own 2-year-old daughter, who when pressing the button on the window of her car caused her mother to suffocate.

The strange tragedy occurred in the village of Staroe Selo just on the day that the woman was celebrating her 21st birthday.

Sharko reportedly was coming from a party and after getting out of his BMW car, he went to the passenger seat to lower his daughter through the car window. At that moment, the minor accidentally pressed the button that raised the glass of the car, catching her mother's neck.

The woman's husband - named Artur - found his wife's 'fainted body' with his head still trapped in the glass and immediately took her to a local hospital, the Daily Mail reports.

The woman from Žabinka - a city near the border with Poland - died 8 days after being admitted. The official cause of her death was suffocation. "Her brain suffered irreversibly due to blocked arteries," hospital sources confirmed.

According to the aforementioned publication, the victim had been married to her partner for years, whom she had known since high school. They had two daughters: Arienne and Margaret.

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