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Harry Video Journalist Africa
Harry Video Journalist Africa

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Video: Watch Prince Harry SCOLD Royal Reporter During Ambush Interview 2023, January

We are used to seeing a prince Harry smiling, kind and even good-natured. However, the Duke of Sussex, like everyone, has its limits. That was very clear with a video that emerged this Thursday that captures the moment when a reporter put him to the crown of the head with his questions and exasperated him so much that Queen Elizabeth II's grandson exploded against her. Logically, the intense exchange has gone viral.

The embarrassing moment occurred at the end of a public event in Malawi during the official visit of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to the African continent. There the redhead was chatting with boys from disadvantaged families. "Hold fast to your dreams," he exhorted them and then headed to a waiting vehicle to leave the place where the meeting with the youth happened.

That was where the clash occurred when Sky News' perian Rhiannon Mille approached her before boarding the car asking, "That brief chat [with the young men] what do you hope to get out of her?" The prince, a little impatient, turns around and says “What? Ask them! ' But the journalist does not stop trying and again interrogates her. "Is that why it's so important for you to come talk to them?" That's when the prince reached her limit and said annoyed, "Rhiannon, don't behave this way." Then he got in the car and left in a hurry.

It is natural that the new dad is a bit fed up with the hurtful words and malicious comments of those who have wanted to paint the life of his family in a negative light.

However, some have stressed that at least in this case Harry was not being asked a personal question but simply about the act in which he had just participated, so his answer surprises even more.

The video comes amid tensions between the dukes and the press after Harry announced that they will take legal action against the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday for publishing pages of a private letter from Meghan to her father earlier this year.

"There comes a point where all you have to do is deal with this behavior because it destroys people and destroys lives," said Harry in announcing the move. Oh!

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