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Jacky Bracamontes Victim Of Intimate Partner Violence

Jacky Bracamontes Victim Of Intimate Partner Violence
Jacky Bracamontes Victim Of Intimate Partner Violence

Video: Jacky Bracamontes Victim Of Intimate Partner Violence

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Although she now enjoys a healthy couple relationship with her husband, the car driver Martín Fuentes, Jacky Bracamontes, suffered in the past from verbal violence from one of his ex-partners. This was revealed by the Mexican actress and presenter recently in her program Netas Divinas (Unicable), where Jacky spoke long and hard about this bitter moment she lived.

"[It was] a relationship of verbal violence, that is to say, wanting to do less for him to feel more", the unforgettable protagonist of successful Televisa soap operas such as Heridas de amor (2006), Las tontas no va al cielo (2008) and Spell (2009).

Bracamontes recognized in the aforementioned program that the situation between her and that ex-partner reached such an extreme that one day it ended in a strong fight in which there were blows involved.

“In one of those he took me out of my boxes and I started 'shut up, shut up' and I started hitting him, I him. But imagine how long this had been going on for me to get to that point,”said the beautiful driver.

"Surely I did not hit him hard, how hard can he slap him," he added.

The actress, who has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram alone, assured that never in her life had she reacted in such a violent way as that day.

"Never in my life had I left my being and of course that calmed him because I had never reacted like this," said the driver, who made it clear that after that she would never again tolerate a man treating her like that. so violently.

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