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Adamari López Angélica Vale Together Again

Adamari López Angélica Vale Together Again
Adamari López Angélica Vale Together Again

Video: Adamari López Angélica Vale Together Again

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Adamari López and Angélica Vale fulfilled the dream of many by reappearing together on television after stealing the hearts of thousands with the youthful novel of the 90s Amigas y rivals.

The reunion of the "comadres" took place in the halls of Telemundo in Miami where an elated Adamari did not hesitate to record the meeting with her soul friend and welcome her to the chain's facilities.

"There is nothing that I like more than casually meeting my comadre Angélica Vale at the Telemundo Center, she has not realized I am recording her," said the Puerto Rican entertainer with enthusiasm.

"It comes with a new radio program," Adamari continued. "And a new program on Netflix [is called] Six Hands you can download today," added Angélica María's daughter, showing off her new and very slim figure and her jacket with a promo for the series.

"Don't let [your daughter] Aläia or [my son] Daniel or [my daughter] Angelica see it," Vale warned about the new program that begins streming today. “It is for adolescents and adults because it is violent with blood and heads roll. But for us it is good”.

Angélica Vale, Adamari López
Angélica Vale, Adamari López

Logically Vae took the opportunity to mention the name of the show her friend was referring to. "The Cali Vale Show [opens] soon, very soon," Vale said of her radio project that will be broadcast on the dial's 93.9 station in California. "Well, I'm leaving them because we're going to gossip," Adamari added with a wink before leaving the frame.

The photo recalls the encounter that Vale and López had with their companions Aracely Arámbula and Ludwika Paleta at the christening of Vale's son in 2015. Hence, Vale's command with Aläia's mother came about because the Mexican actress asked her colleague to be the godmother of christening for her second child.

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