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Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Are Seen Again Together

Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Are Seen Again Together
Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Are Seen Again Together

Video: Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Are Seen Again Together

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Video: ¿Están o no están juntos Gaby Espino y Jaime Mayol? 2023, January

It is becoming more common to see Gaby Espino and Jaime Mayol together again. If a few days ago the renowned Venezuelan actress and the Puerto Rican presenter attended the baby shower of a cousin of Gaby, this time it was another family event that brought them back together: the revelation of the sex of the baby that Sister Espino, Andreina, is expecting..

"We spent a very close family afternoon and everything was spectacular thanks to a group of people to whom I always entrust all my parties because they are the best," Gaby's sister wrote through Instagram along with a series of images from the event.

Precisely among those snapshots that the digital marketing specialist published on their social networks is one in which Gaby and Jaime pose again together.

Unlike the previous image that was leaked on the networks, this time, in addition to other relatives of Espino, the two children of the protagonist of successful soap operas such as Más saber el diablo and Santa diabla, Oriana and Nickolas also appear.

Curiously, in the image you can see Jaime carrying Nickolas in his arms.

It was in August of this year when a source close to Gaby exclusively told People en Español that the actress and presenter had completed their courtship months ago.

"He and Gaby have not been together for many, but many months," he said.

The recent images that have been shared of both together in networks; However, they imply that they could have resumed their romance or at least that a beautiful friendship relationship continues between them.

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