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Mon Laferte Declares His Love To A Woman

Mon Laferte Declares His Love To A Woman
Mon Laferte Declares His Love To A Woman

Video: Mon Laferte Declares His Love To A Woman

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Video: Antes de Ti - Mon Laferte (Letra) 2023, January

With a huge kiss during a concert, Mon Laferte made his love for a woman public. This is Natalia Pérez, the drummer who is part of the singer's band. The events occurred when the interpreter of "Your lack of love" released an image where it appears, precisely, kissing the woman in question.

"My love" was the phrase that Laferte used to accompany the snapshot that he uploaded to his Instagram account; In addition, the text ended with a red heart.

But that was not all, on the same social network, the singer uploaded a video, from the same video, where she endorsed the love she feels for Pérez.

Mon Laferte
Mon Laferte

"I am in love with a woman who loves her with all my soul," he said. "On the drums!" Pointing to the woman.

That comment blew up the crowd present with shouts and applause of approval. Of course, on social networks the followers also wanted to give their point of view for or against this announcement.

"Because it is such a stir if Mon herself has recognized that she likes both men and women she is bisexual and has never denied it," wrote one netizen.

"Hahahahaha you are not even kissing that exaggerated … mere advertising itself that you do not need with as much talent as you have and, if so, love is universal," said one user.

"Promoting the new singer [referring to Natalia Pérez who also has a musical group]? So ? Net? Lazily, I thought you were smarter,”someone else mentioned.

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