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Itatí Cantoral Responds Insults From Frida Sofía

Itatí Cantoral Responds Insults From Frida Sofía
Itatí Cantoral Responds Insults From Frida Sofía

Video: Itatí Cantoral Responds Insults From Frida Sofía

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Video: ¡Itatí Cantoral le responde a Frida Sofía! | Sale el Sol 2023, February

In the midst of his powerful theatrical tour with Testosterone, Itatí Cantoral was happy with life with the reception of the play. Inevitably, the actress is also in the news because of the words, not exactly pretty, that Frida Sofía dedicated to her a few days ago where, among other 'compliments', she included that of 'old fucking'.

How did Itatí take it? Well, the 44-year-old artist wanted to comment on it and did so in front of a handful of microphones who wanted to know her opinion. With her particular sense of humor, she let out a loud laugh and made faces as if getting into one of her characters.

For example, that of the villain in María la del Barrio. "Damn crippled!" He shouted in front of the cameras when asked about Frida. A reaction that caused the laughter of everyone present. With a little more tranquility, Itatí responded seriously and with a very direct message to Alejandra Guzmán's daughter.

"I think we have a free country in freedom of expression and you can put whatever you want on your networks, right?" She said relaxed but very clear when asked about Frida's reaction. The controversy arose when the protagonist of the series about Silvia Pinal made a funny parody about the situation of her family in one of her Instagram stories.

A joke that was not too funny for the singer who soon addressed her and not exactly on the best terms. "You don't know me and I don't know you, be professional and take care of your fucking old bully paper," he wrote on social media. "You only know what is in the script, the reality is different."

With his particular joy and humor, Itatí did not remain silent and thus settled this confrontation that promises to have new deliveries.

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