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Queen Elizabeth Not To Be Poisoned

Queen Elizabeth Not To Be Poisoned
Queen Elizabeth Not To Be Poisoned

Video: Queen Elizabeth Not To Be Poisoned

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Wow Buckingham Palace keeps secrets. This week a documentary revealed the curious trick that her employees use to prevent Queen Elizabeth II from being poisoned.

In the documentary series Secrets of The Royal Kitchen (Royal Family Documentary) that was seen by Channel 5 of the United Kingdom this week, the expert in royalty Emily Andrews recounted the ingenious system used by the service personnel of the English monarch of 93 years.

"Once the food is plated, one of the pages randomly selects one of the dishes that will be served to his majesty [to taste it]," says Andrews. "If someone wanted to poison the monarch, they would have to poison them all."

The queen also does her part: she oversees all the palace menus and approves what will be served by reviewing the "royal menu book."

Queen Biographer Lady Colin Campbell explains that the Queen's daily routine in intimacy is much more modest.

Another curiosity that has been revealed is that despite having hundreds of sumptuous rooms and lounges, generally when the queen is at home and has no guests, she chooses to choose the menu of her food from the comfort of her bedroom. And like many commoners, they like nothing more than to eat in front of the TV.

"Dinner is served on a tray for him to eat in front of the television," Campbell explains. "She likes it that way. It is more homely, comfortable and cozy”. We understand it perfectly!

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